Hello and welcome to my academic website! I'm Joseph Van Weelden (although if we ever meet in real life, I'll ask you to call me Joey). I'm a philosopher specializing in ethics. The primary focus of my research is well-being (or, as philosophers sometimes call it, 'prudential value' or 'goodness-for'). In my PhD dissertation I developed and defended a new theory of well-being, which I think has certain distinct advantages. Another of my current interests is the relationship between goodness-for and goodness simpliciter. I also have a long standing interest in the (epistemic and moral) status of moral testimony. To learn more about my research and my publications, click on the 'Research' tab above.  

I received my PhD in Philosophy from McGill University in February 2018, where I worked under the supervision of Professors Sarah Stroud and Iwao Hirose. Before that, I received a Master's in Philosophy from the University of Toronto and a B.A (Honours) in Philosophy from the University of Alberta.

In June 2019 I joined Ahmedabad University as an Assistant Professor (School of Arts and Sciences, Division of Humanities and Languages). Click here to see my faculty page.

I can be reached at joseph.vanweelden@ahduni.edu.in.